Money Market Operations as on December 08, 2016

(Amount in ₹ billion, Rate in Per cent)MONEY MARKETS @VolumeWtd.Avg.Rate Range(One Leg)A. Overnight Segment (I+II+III+IV)2,306.246.314.75-6.55     I. Call Money257.546.284.75-6.55     II. CBLO1,522.436.336.10-6.50     III. Market Repo526.276.255.75-6.50     IV. Repo in Corporate Bond0.00 -B. Term Segment        I. Notice Money**2.495.915.60-6.10     II. Term Money@@5.78-6.00-6.75      III. CBLO0.00--     IV. Market Repo5.756.266.00-6.50     V. Repo in Corporate Bond0.758.008.00-8.00RBI OPERATIONS@Auction DateTenor (Days)Maturity DateAmount OutstandingCurrent Rate /

Cut off Rate C. Liquidity Adjustment Facility   (i) Repo (Fixed Rate)08/12/2016109/12/2016185.676.25   (ii) Repo (Variable rate)25/11/20161409/12/201612.186.26 29/11/20161413/12/201652.756.26 02/12/20161416/12/20168.506.27 06/12/20161420/12/20164.506.26 08/12/2016109/12/2016625.256.26 08/12/2016109/12/2016600.066.30   (iii) Reverse Repo (Fixed rate)08/12/2016109/12/201669.975.75   (iv) Reverse Repo (Variable rate)15/11/20162813/12/2016498.256.24 16/11/20169115/02/2017500.056.24 17/11/20165612/01/2017141.756.24 21/11/20162314/12/2016200.066.23D. Marginal Standing Facility08/12/2016109/12/20167.906.75E. Standing Liquidity Facility Availed from RBI $  12.29 RESERVE POSITION @F. Cash Reserves Position  of Scheduled Commercial Banks (i) Cash balances with RBI  as on #05/12/20168,160.68 (ii) Average daily  cash reserve  requirement  for the fortnight ending09/12/20167,662.42 G. Government of India Surplus Cash Balance Reckoned for Auction as on ¥08/12/20161,197.29 @ Based on RBI / CCIL/ FIMMDA Data- Not Applicable / No Transaction** Relates to uncollateralized transactions of 2 to 14 days tenor@@ Relates to uncollateralized transactions of 15 days to one year tenor# The figure for the cash balances with RBI on Sunday is same as that of the previous day (Saturday).$ Includes refinance facilities extended by RBI¥ As per the Press Release No. 2014-2015/1971 dated March 19, 2015Ajit Prasad

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AU: 0.5480 SDR = 1 AUD 2016-12-09 RBA 4.00 pm Eastern Australian time

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